Actress Son Ye Jin Shares Heartfelt Message About Fellow Actors…Only To Get Interrupted

Her response was hilarious 😂

Actress Son Ye Jin recently held an interview with W Korea after her photoshoot with luxury brand Valentino. When asked who her role model in acting is, she started giving a heartfelt response—only to get interrupted by someone’s cellphone!

Rather than pick a specific person, she explained that she thinks all actors are experts as long as they are sincere in their work. She likened their career to pottery. Sometimes, the pot comes out well, like when their acting projects are well-received by others.

I honestly think that every actor who acts with sincerity is an expert in their craft. It’s just like the potters in each of our frames. Like making our own pots, we create our work. Sometimes, the pots may come out sturdy and completed well to create good work.

— Son Ye Jin

Unfortunately, there are also times when their hard work doesn’t pay off.

But there are also times when, despite our hard work, the pots don’t meet expectations due to a few imperfections. However, I feel like, apart from the results, all of the sweat shed during the process is sincere, so…

— Son Ye Jin

As she was speaking, however, a phone notification rang out loud and interrupted her sincere message.

She immediately froze in place, her mouth and eyes widening in disbelief.

Hilariously, she jokingly asked to know who the culprit was after the interview. “Tell me who it was later on.

The moment those words left her mouth, the entire set erupted in laughter. Son Ye Jin’s sense of humor is, without a doubt, hilarious!

Source: W KOREA