Actresses Around The World Are Falling In Love With BTS’s V

They’re all falling for V!

BTS‘s V is only getting more and more popular, and it seems that actresses around the world are falling for his charms.

Indonesian actress Gege Elisa posted her love for V on to her Instagram. She shared cute fan-edits of the two together. The actress recently appeared in the Korean-Indonesian web drama “Love Diatance Season 2”.

Teresita Ssen Marquez, also known as WynWyn Marquez, is a Filipino actress and was Miss World Philippines 2017. She has always been vocal about her love for BTS, even flying to Japan to see them in concert! She has also showed off her love for the group on Twitter.

Her bias is, of course, BTS’s V! She has posted numerous times about loving the member and even joined the #ARMYSelcaDay on Twitter!

Another fan of V is Carol Cheng, one of the biggest actresses in Hong Kong. She has posted photos of her attending a BTS concert.

She also collects a bunch of BTS merchandise. She has enough to make any ARMY jealous!

She also has photos of her with BT21 merchandise, but not just of any character. Of course, she supports V and his character, Tata!

Additionally, American actress Dakota Fanning has experessed her love for BTS during an appearance on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, saying “I love V!”

It’s not surprising that V is receiving this much love worldwide. With his beautiful voice, charming stage presence, talented versatility, and excellent acting skills, V will only continue to catch the eyes of people around the world.

Source: Segye