9 Actresses Who Played ‘Ugly’ Roles But Are Actually GORGEOUS In Real Life

They aren’t fooling anyone.

Common K-Drama tropes include an average-looking female protagonist who somehow catches the attention of the desirable male hero.

Oftentimes, however, the actresses who play these characters are gorgeous in real life. Here are a few whose glasses and makeup can’t hide their true beauty!

1. Suzy

Suzy starred in the drama “Uncontrollably Fond” where she played an average-looking PD.

2. Kim Seonah

Kim Seonah played an old maid who is loud, brash, and insecure about her weight in “My Name Is Kim Samsoon.” The drama is touted as the “Korean Bridget Jones’s Diary.” Kim Seonah even gained 15 pounds for the role.

3. Jang Nara

Jang Nara was a plain-looking secretary in “You Are My Destiny.” She earned the nickname ‘post-it’ for her inability to say no to her colleagues when they would dump work on her.

4. Han Hyojoo

Han Hyojoo acted as the daughter of the resident surgeon in “W” where she was known to not care about her appearance.

5. Park Hasoon

“Drinking Solo’s” Park Hasoon was a rookie lecturer whom no one found romantically attractive.

6. Park Boyoung

Park Boyoung played both a beautiful and plain role in her character of Go Seyeon in “Abyss.” She was originally a stunning prosecution lawyer who was revived into a plainer appearance using the “Abyss.”

7. Lee Sungkyung

Lee Sungkyung may be a model in real life but she played a different role in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.” She was a weightlifter who was looked down upon for gaining weight, being more tomboyish than girly.

8. Seo Hyunjin

“Another Miss Oh” showed the struggle of sharing names with different people. Seo Hyunjin played the average Oh Hayoung who went through many struggles for having the same name as the bride of Park Dokyung.


9. Mina

Last but not the least, Girl’s Day’s Mina was the insecure Gong Shim in “Beautiful Gong-Shim” who always felt overshadowed by her older sister.

Source: theqoo

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