16 Adorable GIFs That Prove These Idols Would Make Amazing Parents


TWICE’s Nayeon, Sana, and Jihyo

These three met up with the mischievous twins, Seoeon and Seojun, on The Return of Superman.  Nayeon was very attentive whenever one of the twins spoke and made sure to not make anyone feel left out.

When Seoeon revealed Seojun’s last poop shape, Nayeon even asked Seojun how he felt after having his privacy exposed!

EXO‘s Chanyeol and Baekhyun

TChanyeol showed off his babysitting skills by giving them piggyback rides and overreacting whenever the twins “shot” at him. Chanyeol also taught Seojun how to raise his arm when crossing the street (something they have children do to signal cars that they are crossing) and cooked the twins a meal!

Baekhyun constantly created creative games for them to play. Baekhyun pretended to eat Seojun’s foot and tickled the twins by pretending to be a crawly spider.

Apink’s Eunji

Eunji is also known to have a very mature, motherly personality. She has a younger brother who is eight years younger and seems to have gained a lot of experience taking care of him!

Not only is Eunji great with babies, she’s also great with kids of all ages. Whenever she finds out that a high school student skipped school or a test to attend an Apink fansign event, Eunji would always playfully slap their hand to discipline them.

VIXX‘s Leo

Leo is also known to really adore children. He doesn’t smile too often, but food, animals, and children have never failed to bring a bright smile on his face.

While filming for a show, Leo spotted a young boy and stopped his tracks to approach him. Finding the boy cute, Leo laughed out of joy, surprising his fellow members.


V is another idol that has really shown how much he treasures kids. When V saw a little boy approaching him during a BTS fan sign event, he fixed up a headband a fan gave him before carefully placing it on the boy’s head with a satisfied smile.

He even got the chance to hold a fan’s baby during the fansign and was seen bouncing her on his lap. If anyone knew any better, they would have thought that the child was his own.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany

Tiffany would definitely be a well-rounded mother, with how much she loves to play with children while remaining strict when necessary.

Tiffany also taught Sarang manners by asking her to say “please” and “thank you” when receiving a gift.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon 

G-Dragon showed his sweet side towards Sarang on the show as well. Throughout the episode, G-Dragon followed Sarang around and did whatever she wanted to do.

When they were all dancing, Sarang suddenly did a somersault and G-Dragon was ready to help her just in case she hurt herself.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung

Jinyoung has been known to be good with kids as well. During an episode of GOT7’s reality show, the members had a mission to win the hearts of two little sisters.

During the entire episode, Jinyoung yearned for the little one’s love. When Dabin gave Jackson a kiss, he made a face, expressing his envy. Jinyoung seems like he would be a protective dad.

What do you think? Could you see these idols becoming good parents in the future?