This Is The Warning Advice Bang PD Gave BTS Now That They’re Mega-Stars

BTS smash comeback for “DNA” is already taking off.

BTS releases new music video for “DNA”

While the group continues to smash records, they took a moment at their press conference to talk about how they’ve grown as artists. 

Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk gave them BTS advice for their growing journey as artists.

“Bang Si Hyuk PD told us ‘you don’t need to protect your original intentions.’

I was thankful for his story, because it was something different from everyone saying [we should] keep our original intentions.”

— BTS Rap Monster

He then explained what Bang PD meant by these words.

“He didn’t mean it as ‘since we are popular now, we can do whatever we want,’ but instead, since we are in a certain position [assume one of top boy groups], we need to behave appropriately and have the proper mindset for that position.”

— BTS Rap Monster

Suga commented on this too, elaborating on Bang PD’s general beliefs for a group’s development.

“Bang Si Hyuk PD says original intentions are not important as important, because he thinks change is more important.”

— BTS Suga


BTS’s continued growth as artists and creators is continuing to impress, and everyone is excited to see where they’ll go next.