Aespa Look Back At All Their Achievements Since Debuting, And It Cements Their Status As “Monster Rookies”

The group has already made a huge impact!

SM Entertainment recently held an SM CONGRESS 2021 online event for fans to watch. During the video, CEO Lee Soo Man also sat down with SM Entertainment’s latest girl group, aespa!

During the video, as well as revealing his aespa-inspired outfit, Lee Soo Man couldn’t hide his pride looking at the group’s success since debuting in November 2020.

One of those was looking at the fact that it only took 51 days for their debut music video for “Black Mamba” to surpass 100 million views. If that wasn’t as amazing to start with, this achievement meant that they were the fastest rookie group to reach that huge number of views.

Yet, it can’t have been down to rookies luck or the hype that came before the group debuted. Lee Soo Man then looked at their most recent track, “Next Level.”

If 51 days was impressive, “Next Level” surpassed all expectations by surpassing 100 million views in just 32 days, which is nearly three weeks less than their debut track.

Lee Soo Man couldn’t hide his excitement and pride when listing these accomplishments. He even showcased some aegyo, hoping to find the right way to express his feelings and emotions.

Aside from their success on YouTube, member Karina was right in pointing out that fans fell in love with their songs and catchy choreography from the beginning.

I think because the song and the choreography are catchy and addictive, many people followed our moves, which we were thankful for. ‘Next Level’ was also nominated for first place on music shows, and we couldn’t believe it — the same for ‘Black Mamba’ as well. Everything still feels a bit unreal.

— Karina

There is no denying that, since debuting, aespa has taken over, making their mark on K-Pop with their unique concept and catchy songs. With aespa still being so young, their future is so bright, and there will be many more huge achievements yet to come.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: SMTOWN