Aespa Could Be Adding Up To 3 Or 4 New Members To Their Line-Up, And These Are The Potential Newbies

Could aespa’s member line-up double?

Recently, while on a radio show, aespa‘s Winter said something that has some K-Pop fans thinking the group might be getting new members in the future!

She lets slip something about a “new member’s” ae, but immediately stops afterward with a surprised noise, as though realizing she had said something that she shouldn’t have.

This instance has led to all kinds of speculations, especially since there were already questions about the number of aespa’s members even before they debuted. There were rumors that there would be 8 members at one point, and also thoughts that there would be a member for each letter in “KWANGYA.”

While it’s still to be seen whether the rumors of a new member or new members joining aespa are true, it wouldn’t be the first time that an SM Entertainment‘s group line-up would change after its debut. After all, Yeri joined Red Velvet about eight months after they debuted.

The theories around the new members possibly joining aespa have been creative too, such as the concept of them “saving” the current members from the black mamba as a way to introduce them into the group!

As for who the new members might be, there are a number of known trainees at SM Entertainment that could definitely fit in well. The most likely candidate is a well-known SM Entertainment trainee known as Helen.

SM Entertainment trainee Helen

A Korean-Australian born in South Korea in 2003, Helen is a former student from the entertainment training company SL Studio, which undoubtedly helped her to get into SM Entertainment in 2019. She’s particularly strong in dancing and was even thought to be a member of aespa before the group debuted.

Another trainee who could potentially join aespa is Ouju.

Girl appearing in one of aespa’s videos that might be Ouju

Not a lot is known about this trainee yet, and there haven’t even been official photos released of her. There are theories about her, however, including that she was the girl who appeared in one of aespa’s videos with the camera focusing on her while she watched the scenes in the video unfolding. This actually happened with Yeri, who appeared in Red Velvet’s music video for their debut song “Happiness”. Because of this, some fans think it could be SM Entertainment hinting that she’s a future member of the group!

Another potential addition to aespa is the trainee Rino.

Rino is a Japanese trainee at the company who made an appearance in a BBC documentary about K-Pop in 2019. As with Ouju, little is known about her yet, but it’s clear that she’s a promising vocalist just from what little we have seen!

Yet another potential new member is trainee Jo Hwihyeon.

Possible SM Entertainment trainee Jo Hwihyeon

Hwihyeon is actually a former trainee of YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary The Black Label. Born in 2002, she joined the company in 2018 but left after two years in 2020. There were rumors that she auditioned for SM Entertainment afterward and became a trainee, especially since she ended up disabling her social media accounts, but this hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

We’ll have to wait and see if aespa does indeed add new members to their line-up, and if so, who the members will be and how they’ll be introduced!