The Way aespa Bonded As A Group In Record Time Before Their Debut Is Making Us Appreciate Their Friendship Even More

We love them!

Unlike many K-Pop groups, the members of aespa found out about their lineup only shortly before their debut. They previously mentioned that they “didn’t know” that it would be the four of them debuting together.

From left to right: aespa’s Ningning, Giselle, Karina, and Winter pre-debut

This quick finalization of the lineup did not mean they had an awkward relationship. In fact, they got closer to each other in record time. How they did so was brought up during their interview with MTV Asia.

The four of us first got together to prepare for ‘Black Mamba.’

— Karina

They made an effort to set aside time to casually get to know one other. Instead of using their rest day to have time for themselves, they often met up to eat.

When we were practicing, there was only one free day a week. On those day, we hung out and ate good food.

— Karina

Because of this, they soon realized that they click! According to Karina, “I think we got close naturally while spending time together like that.”

Continuing tradition, they’re still frequently spotted as a group even if they don’t have any official schedules on that day.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Check out the full video below to learn more about aespa.

Source: YouTube