Here’s How aespa’s “Savage” MV Fits Into The SM Culture Universe

Watch out for “Black Mamba!” 🐍

With their recent “Savage” comeback, aespa has proven their place as one of K-Pop’s most exciting rookie groups in recent years. Their mix of impressive music and dance skill with an entire mythos behind their MVs has had MYs engaged from the start. But just how does “Savage” play into aespa’s lore and the SM Culture Universe (also known as the SMCU) as a whole?

aespa | aespa/Facebook

During an interview with Thai YouTube channel, The Standard Pop, the girls explained the plot behind their MVs so far and how all of this ties into the greater SMCU.

Leader Karina took the lead in explaining the complex story behind the girl’s MVs. She began with “Black Mamba,” the group’s debut.

‘Black Mamba,’ this is where the villain ‘Black Mamba’ was first shown. So everyone could be aware. of the existence of ‘Black Mamba’ and showed them that a villain like this exists.

–– Karina

Earlier in the interview, when asked to describe “Black Mamba,” Winter adorably explained that it “is a villain snake, the first villain friend,” which got laughs from her fellow members.

The next MV in the series is the virally successful “Next Level.” Karina explained that this MV “is a story of our growth.” 

While fans could already feel the song’s power, there is an added strength to knowing that the song represents building confidence for the group. “We have grown stronger to defeat the villain, ‘Black Mamba’,” Karina shared.

The most recent MV in this series against “Black Mamba” is “Savage.”

In ‘Savage’, it tells a story that we believe we can defeat ‘Black Mamba’ because we have hurt it already in the track ‘Black Mamba’. So it would be much easier for us to defeat it!

–– Karina

To summarize everything so far, in “Black Mamba,” the aespa first faced down their villain, the eponymous “Black Mamba.”

In “Next Level,” the girls were building up their strength following their first battle.

Finally, in “Savage,” the girls are ready to take down “Black Mamba” after their previous fights!

How have you been keeping up with the SMCU? Let us know, and to see aespa’s full interview check out the video below: