This Aespa Fan Went Above And Beyond To Attend The Fan Meeting… After Accidentally Shredding Her Tickets

She became famous in the YES24 Office!

This is the hilarious story of an aespa fan who went to great lengths to attend her first aespa fan meeting…after unintentionally shredding not just her own ticket but her friends’ tickets as well!

It all started in July 18 when the company @Square_Yu works for gave her a ticket for aespa’s July 31 fan meet. In a kind gesture, Square also got the tickets for her two friends which, like her ticket, were contained in envelopes. She put together all three tickets in one envelope and prepared the other two envelopes for shredding because they contained her friends’ personal information. Upon reaching the shredder though, she put the envelope containing the three tickets on top of the shredder and mistakenly shredded all three tickets!

She asked herself: how could she forget how the machine operates when she was even the one who made the order for this shredder! Her colleagues immediately ran to her and opened the shredder bin. They began the quest for the missing tickets’ shredded strips.

Her sweet colleagues helped her find the strips and painstakingly put them back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Imagine the dedication. The question was, would these tickets still be valid?

Square called YES24 Ticket Office to explain what happened. She sent them photos of how the tickets looked in their current state and was told that the relevant department will check and revert to her. After a while with no one calling her back, she called again. This was how their conversation went.


And I’ve been waiting for a response from YES24 but it’s taking so long so I contacted them again. A different customer rep picked up this time…

Me: I contacted you about a ticket damage inquiry…
Rep: please give me your ticket number
Me: uh it’s three tickets one sec..
Rep: ah are you by chance the person whose tickets were shredded at the aespa fan meeting?

I guess I’ve already become a famous person at the YES24 office.

It took a few more days of agony wondering if she would be granted entry to the fan meet until finally, Square and her friends were given the go signal to attend.

She got to see aespa and had a blast! The shredded ticket was kept as a memento of her memorable first fan meet.

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