Aespa Had The Funniest Reactions When Shown Predebut Footage Of Members Karina And Winter

It was a trip down memory lane!

When K-Pop idols debut, there is nothing fans love more than finding pre-debut material of their favorite groups. The most recent idols to take a trip down memory lane was aespa!

| @aespa_official/Twitter

The group recently sat down with the YouTube channel 1theK Originals and as part of their IDDP series, and had a look at each other’s profiles.

While looking at member Karina‘s profile, it mentioned how fans had found a cover video she made with her friends before she debuted. Before Karina even clicked on the video, she added, “I’m so embarrassed about this.” 

As soon as the video started playing, the whole group couldn’t hide their emotions seeing a young Karina on stage singing her heart out!

Even Karina couldn’t hide how she felt looking back at a younger version of herself, saying, “My face is going to blow off,” as Winter noticed her go bright red.

Karina didn’t have to wait long to get even with her members, and she wasn’t the only member who took a trip down memory lane during the video!

Although the images were blurred for fans, aespa got to see some pre-debut pictures of Winter, and she couldn’t believe that they were actually on her profile.

Karina joked how even back then, Winter loved wearing checked shirts but there is no denying that the members were right when they said she was as pretty as she is now!

You can watch the whole video below!

Source: 1theK Originals