The Choreography For Aespa’s “Girls” Has Received Mixed Opinions From Netizens

“Unfortunately, most of their TT choreos are made for the camera angles and not for an actual live performance.”

Aespa is undoubtedly one of the leading girl groups of the fourth generation, with an already incredible discography, beautiful visuals, and stellar vocals.

aespa | SM Entertainmen

However, one subject that has often come up whenever the group has a comeback is their choreography. There have been some criticisms about their choreographers’ decisions in creating their dances, and the performance for “Girls” is no different.

On a recent Reddit post, the discussion revolved around the topic of the “Girls” choreography, and why, to some people, it seemed like a less interesting dance than previous ones. The most common opinion seems to be that aespa’s dances seem to be designed around different camera angles as well as for fans to be able to learn them for social media apps like TikTok, rather than for live performances.

aespa | SM Entertainment

Others brought up the fact that seven choreographers were credited with creating the dance, which may lead to a more disjointed feeling in the choreography.

Other commenters shared their opinion that aespa is more of a vocal and visual-heavy group, rather than dance-focused. And there’s no denying that when it comes to singing, the girls in aespa are phenomenal!

Despite the criticism, though, some commenters just enjoy the song as it is and don’t mind the “awkward” choreography.

Whatever your opinion is, aespa is still making waves in the K-Pop industry for a reason!

Source: Reddit