Aespa Giselle’s Controversial Remark Starts A Heated Debate Online

Netizens are divided by her remark.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Aespa Giselle’s recent remark in a video has been deemed “inappropriate” as she uses the term “suicide”, receiving criticism from netizens. In a recent YouTube video uploaded by Vogue magazine, the group is seen vlogging in New York.

As they made their way to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, Giselle made the statement, “I’m going to commit suicide if my phone drops”. The subtitles by Vogue translated it to, “I would die if my phone drops”, but the word “suicide” was used in her original remark in Korean. 

Many netizens online found this remark to be careless, making it seem like she was taking a serious issue a bit too lightly. 

  • “I really hate phrases like ‘I want to go to the Han River’ or ‘You can catch cancer’ so it’s really disappointing.”
  • “Although you may use these terms in private with friends, you should be careful when you are in front of the camera.”

Some felt that Vogue was at fault for not editing out her remarks as well. One netizen added, “It’s hard to say that her remarks were appropriate, but it is the type of terms that teens use these days.” Previously, Giselle was caught up in a controversy for using a derogatory expression while singing a pop song.

Source: money today