Aespa’s Giselle Couldn’t Hide Her Inner NCT Fangirl

NCTzens are loving their new addition to the family.

In aespa‘s Christmas-themed special MerrY MerrY aespa, Giselle took fans by surprise by proving how much of an NCT fan she is.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

To get into the Christmas spirit, the four girls were asked for their favorite Christmas songs. “Which carol songs do you like?” Though they took a brief moment to think of their top songs, Giselle already had one in mind.

After Winter sang EXO‘s classic track “First Snow”, Giselle was ready to show her love for NCT. She quickly added, “I like NCT sunbae-nim’s ‘Coming Home’.

Despite winning over fans with her rap skills, Giselle showed off her lovely vocals as she sang a snippet of the beautiful ballad.

NCTzens were not only delighted by the fact that Giselle shone a light on NCT U‘s underrated ballad, but also by letting her NCT fangirl side out.

| @sbsnoriter/Twitter

See the highly-anticipated moment that NCTzen Giselle gave fans life.