Here’s What Went Through aespa’s Mind When They First Heard About Their AI Concept

Did they like the idea?

When it was first announced, many people were shocked by aespa‘s AI concept, which was revolutionary in the K-Pop industry. But what were the members’ initial thoughts when they themselves heard about it?

AE Giselle (left) and Giselle (right) | SM Entertainment

The girls were asked this very question in an interview with MTV.

What were your first thoughts when you found out about the AI concept of your group?


Giselle spoke for the group, revealing that contrary to common belief, they immediately knew what AI was all about.

When we first heard that we were going to be having a concept related to AI and our worldview, you know, you might think that we were all kind of like, ‘What does that mean?‘ and stuff like that.

— Giselle

They loved the idea because they were excited to see something fresh in K-Pop that hadn’t been done before.

But actually, we were pretty glad, and we thought it was a good move because, moving forward, there has to be something new also within the industry.

— Giselle

They wanted to prove to fans that AI can also be applied to music and their personalities. Ultimately, their goal was to show that AI is relatable.

And I think we really wanted to show you guys this whole AI side and that it’s not only about technology, but it also has a lot to do with music and with our personalities. It can all be relatable.

— Giselle

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