Aespa’s Giselle Could Run A Pharmacy With Just The Contents Of Her Bag

That’s a lot of medicine…

In a second instalment of their “What’s In My Bag” series on their YouTube channel, aespa dove into the contents of rapper Giselle‘s bag and were surprised at what they found!

The first few things were fairly normal: a beanie, mobile phones, a charger…

Then NingNing pulled out a package of stomach medicine from Giselle’s back.

Giselle explained that her stomach often hurts, which is why she carries this medicine around. It seemed like a reasonable explanation… Until NingNing pulled out another package of medicine immediately afterwards.

“Another one?!” the members exclaimed as NingNing continued… And found a third pack of medicine!

Karina shed some light on the situation, explaining that Giselle always carries a lot of medicine on her and it often rattles when she walks around with her bag.

To illustrate her point, NingNing shook around a pill bottle she found in her bag–one that they hadn’t yet talked about, too.

They went through the rest of her belongings medicine-free, but just when the girls thought it was over, NingNing pulled out a huge handful of medicine!

The other members joked that she must’ve stolen them from a pharmacy because there were so many.

Giselle stressed that health is important and that she carried these around for her and her group mates to take care of themselves!

She then went on to explain what each package was: multiple kinds of vitamins, lactic acid products, energy tea and allergy medicine.

When they finally emptied her bag, they made yet another joke about how she must’ve stolen them. Rather than stealing from one, we think she might end up running a pharmacy instead!

Source: YouTube