Aespa Karina’s Bucket List For Australia Is Way More Daring Than You’d Expect

aespa vs. reptiles is a neverending saga.

aespa are known for their fierce appearance when performing, but it’s not just a stage persona for the girls. While they’re adorable and sweet when they’re not performing, aespa are always fearless, and it shows in their interests.

While discussing things they really wanted to try, Karina asked if the girls had ever heard of the Cage of Death in Australia.

| aespa/YouTube

She explained that visitors were put into a bulletproof tank and then dropped into the water with saltwater crocodiles. No special equipment is needed; although you’re submerged in water, you can easily raise your head out of the water to breathe.

Crocosaurus Cove, where the attraction is, states that the Cage of Death offers visitors the opportunity to witness the saltwater crocodiles’ infamous bite force under the supervision of trained handlers. These monstrous creatures can grow up to around 6 meters long and weigh about 1000 kg.

In a special Running Man episode, several of the cast went into the Cage of Death as a punishment. As the crocodiles are encouraged to practice hunting around those within the tank, the crocodiles will inevitably attack the cage.

| sNack!/YouTube
| sNack!/YouTube

Karina, however, isn’t scared of this, and perhaps like many visitors, she’ll end up kissing the crocodile.

Lee Kwang Soo | sNack!/YouTube

Winter shared that skydiving is a must if they go to Australia. Karina isn’t the only fearless adventurer in the group, and Winter’s suggestion might be a little too exciting even for Karina, given her reaction.

Giselle commented that their dream trip to Australia sounded more like a challenge than a trip. aespa, or at least Winter and Karina, are definitely the kind of people that seek excitement rather than relaxation on vacation.

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