Aespa Karina’s Barefaced Visuals While Showing Off Her Favorite Outfits Has Everyone Falling In Love

With or without makeup, Karina is breathtaking.

In aespa‘s recent vlog, Karina showed MYs some of the clothes she either bought or brought, and even barefaced, her visuals rivaled those of top models.

| aespa/YouTube

It’s impossible not to gasp at her beauty as soon as Karina reenters the screen. Decked out in all beige, Karina showed off her favorite new pants and a top she bought as innerwear for when she layers her outfits.

To her surprise, those two pieces were the only clothes she bought in L.A. So instead of showing her shopping gains, Karina decided to show MYs some of the tops she brought to wear in America. Paired with the same beige pants, the simple navy tank top looks stunning on Karina.

The next piece was a white tank top from Adidas. Karina had heard that the U.S. would be very hot, so she only packed tank tops. If you ask MYs, Karina in tank tops is hotter than the summer heat.

Despite Karina’s preparations, however, the U.S. turned out to be pretty cold, thanks to the strong A/C she dealt with every time she went inside a building.

Karina’s last look was her in her pajamas, giving MYs a glimpse of how Karina usually looks when she’s just relaxing at home. Wherever and whenever, Karina’s beauty can’t be contained.

Karina also took the time to show some of her gifts from MYs, including a sparkly cat headband she uses to keep the hair out of her face when she’s washing up. While probably not the original use of the headband, it’s Karina’s sweet way of using a fan’s gift in her everyday life.

She also didn’t forget to show off the bracelet she was wearing. This beaded bracelet was given (well, more like tossed) to her at aespa’s first showcase, so the significance the bracelet holds for Karina is heavy. By wearing the bracelet, she’s carrying around MYs’ love and support for her wherever she goes.

It’s hard to know what’s lovelier, Karina’s appearance or personality. Or perhaps the reason why her beauty is always blinding is that her heart shines warm and bright.