Aespa Karina’s Candid Actions Towards A Cameraman And PD Leave Everyone In Awe Of Her

Not a lot would have done the same!

Aespa‘s Karina is famous because of multiple reasons. Of course, there’s her jaw-dropping beauty…


…and her unmistakable all-rounder status as a singer, dancer, and rapper.

But most of all, she has an incredibly kind and thoughtful personality despite how popular she is!

The “Next Level” singer has a heart of gold, and this was never more obvious than in an interaction she had with staff members of a show.

As seen in the episode, Karina was exhausted after running around in the scorching heat. She was relieved to find a bench to sit down, saying to the cameraman and PD with her, “Let’s rest over there.”

In the same breath, she politely asked them to sit beside her. “Have a seat. Have a seat,” she insisted.

But that’s not all! She even moved to the end of the bench so that there’d be space for two more people.

I’ll sit over here,” she said as she patted the bench and motioned for them to sit down.

However, the cameraman and PD declined her request. She remarked in disappointment, “I can’t rest by myself.

Fans who saw the video were awed by her kindness in spite of her great fame. They praised her actions and added that she’s “the sweetest girl in the world,” not to mention soft, caring, and humble.

Karina’s consideration for others says a lot about her personality!

Source: Twitter