There’s One Animal aespa’s Karina Will Never Stop Talking About, And It’s The Cutest Obsession Ever

On stage, Karina’s presence matches the power of this animal’s roar.

Everyone has a favorite animal, and aespa‘s Karina has listed that some of her favorites include cats, dogs, tigers, crocodiles, and sharks. Already a mix of common and unique preferences, there’s one more animal she’s openly professed her love for that you might not be able to guess: dinosaurs. That’s right, the giant lizards that once ruled this earth millions of years ago are Karina’s favorite. And this isn’t a new fact or hidden love; she’s admitted her interest ever since she first debuted.

In the behind-the-scenes video for “Black Mamba,” Karina, Giselle, and Winter talked about how their conversations tend to be a little all over the place, switching between topics that have nothing to do with why they first started talking. In a conversation about the choreography, the girls only realized how off-topic they had gotten when Karina pronounced her love for dinosaurs.

And when filming for “Next Level,” Karina brought up dinosaurs again as she, Ningning, and Winter played with the plants on set.

During an interview, Karina was asked whether she would go 2000 years into the past or the future, and with zero hesitation, she chose the past because she hoped to see the dinosaurs. Of course, dinosaurs existed way beyond then, but what we can glean from her answer is that Karina’s love for dinosaurs is so strong, she isn’t afraid of trying to see them up close if she can.

Finally, in the latest vlog aespa uploaded about Coachella, Karina revealed how her love of dinosaurs started at a young age, thanks to the movie Jurassic Park. She’s watched every movie in the series and is looking forward to the next one. And at the hotel aespa was staying at, the Jurassic World Exhibition was on the first floor. Talk about destiny with dinosaurs.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Karina got the chance to visit, but hopefully, we’ll see Karina with dinosaurs soon – you know, the plushy kinds.