Aespa’s Karina Gets The Number Of An In-Demand Fortune Teller Thanks To A 2nd Gen K-Pop Idol

They currently have a long waitlist for new clients.

aespa‘s Karina was confirmed as a cast member for the Netflix reality program Agents Of Mystery in November, and to promote the upcoming release, she appeared as a guest on comedian Jang Do Yeon‘s talk show Salon Drip 2.

aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

During the episode, they discussed a variety of topics, including Karina’s first vacation in three years, how she developed ornithophobia, her experience with a fortune teller, and more.

Jang Do Yeon (left) and aespa’s Karina (center) | TEO 테오/YouTube

Karina confessed that she was a regular viewer of the program as Jang Do Yeon referenced an episode she filmed with NCT‘s Taeyong and Jungwoo.

With the two NCT members, she discussed shamanism and wanted to know if Karina had any experiences with shamanist fortune-telling.

Karina revealed that she had seen a fortune teller with her mom when she was younger and again after her debut.

Because she’s a public figure, she opted to call the fortune-teller and use her birth name, Yoo Jimin, so they didn’t recognize her.

Karina was impressed with everything the shaman knew about her, from the scar she had to her success as a songwriter.

Jang Do Yeon asked if the aespa leader could share the fortune teller’s number and wondered how Karina got it herself.

Karina explained that a dancer she works with got the fortune teller’s number from a fellow global K-Pop star, current soloist and former 2NE1 member CL.

Karina revealed that the fortune teller has a long list of people waiting to talk with him but has her secrets to getting a faster response.

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