Aespa’s Karina Looks So Much Like This 3rd Generation K-Pop Idol That People Are Confused

They could pass as sisters!

Netizens recently spotted an eerily close resemblance between two girl group members—4th generation idol Karina from aespa and 3rd generation idol Yeoreum from WJSN (Cosmic Girls).

Karina was born in 2000 while Yeoreum was born in 1999, so technically speaking, the former looks like the latter. But either way, both are beautiful women!

Yeoreum | @yeolum_e/Instagram

The resemblance between the two became a hot topic after Yeoreum’s appearance on a recent episode of Mnet‘s Queendom Puzzle, which she is competing on.

| @katarinabluu/Instagram

Both boast a V-shaped jawline, large eyes, straight brows, and a small face.

| @yeolum_e/Instagram

In the past, the two have styled their hair in similar ways, from straight with bangs…

| @yeolum_e/Instagram

…to luscious waves…

| @yeolum_e/Instagram

…and even to blonde and pink!

| @yeolum_e/Instagram

| @yeolum_e/Instagram

Fans who had never compared the women before were confused then pleasantly surprised at how similar they look. Others, meanwhile, had always known they were lookalikes.

  • Karina and Yeoreum have always been known as lookalikes.
  • When Karina debuted, the first thing people said was that she looked like Yeoreum.
  • I also watched it thinking it was Karina.

At the end of the day, even if the resemblance isn’t a 100% match, there’s no denying that both are gorgeous!

| @yeolum_e/Instagram