Aespa Karina’s Physique Is So Slim, She Managed To Wear A Mask As A Top

This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

Since before aespa event debuted, Karina has been known for her incredible physique—but who knew she was so slim she could even wear a mask as a top?!

This week, aespa joined Mnet‘s M2 YouTube channel for a “Relay Dance” version of their latest comeback single, “Next Level,” and Karina’s solo performance skills caught everyone’s eye.

| M2/YouTube 

But that wasn’t the only thing about Karina that attracted attention—fans also noticed something unusual about the starlet’s top.

| M2/YouTube

Karina had also been seen wearing the top earlier in the week during aespa’s second “Performance Stage” for “Next Level,” but fans couldn’t work out where it came from—until someone realized…

| aespa/YouTube

…it’s a mask!

| Alexander Wang

This Alexander Wang logo bandana mask retails for $45 USD, and unsurprisingly, it’s meant to be worn as a face covering.

| Alexander Wang

Karina, however, is so slim that aespa’s stylist was able to stitch the mask to a white crop top to create a truly one-of-a-kind fashion piece. Karina wore the unique top with techwear-style high-waisted cargo pants and black boots to suit the “Next Level” concept.

| M2/YouTube

As aespa’s tallest member, the 167cm tall leader has always been known for her lithe and graceful frame, but this takes things to the next level—no pun intended!

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