Every aespa Member Has A Unique Dance Style, Here’s How Karina Described Each One

Can you guess everyone’s descriptions?

SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, aespa, is quickly gaining popularity! When it comes to their performances, they’re known for their catchy songs, detailed music videos, and of course, their viral choreography. Ever since their debut with “BLACK MAMBA,” aespa has released several dance-oriented songs such as “Next Level” and “Savage.”

They are a group with a high level of performance. In an interview on their YouTube channel, Karina delved deeper into their dance styles and what makes everyone so unique.

1. Karina

First up, Karina is the main dancer of the four-member group. She acknowledged that her dancing stands out because it is powerful.

I’m a person who has big dance moves.

— Karina

2. Winter

Winter, meanwhile, is good at popping. She knows how to move every inch of her body to the music.

Winter has this inner ‘pop.’

— Karina

Karina admitted, “I really envy that” when talking about her fellow member.

3. Ningning

What makes Ningning unique is her flexibility. According to Karina, her dancing is very elegant and refined.

Ningning is really flexible. Her moves are soft and have this pretty movement.

— Karina

Her facial expressions are also top-notch!

Her expressions are also flexible. Her expressions look natural and she can convey so many expressions.

— Karina

Ningning replied, “I’m feeling really shy” after hearing all the praise!

4. Giselle

Last but certainly not the least, Giselle’s best point is also her facial expressions. She can easily show a certain concept in one second and another the next. Karina praised her for this, saying that her talent is “really brought out” whenever she performs.

I also like Giselle’s moves. She has this big gap between her no-expressions face and smiling face. She can look really chic and suddenly look so lovely. I think that’s really brought out when she’s dancing.

— Karina

One thing’s for sure: everyone in aespa can dance beautifully!

Source: YouTube