“How Is It Possible To Look This Good?” Netizens Rave Over aespa Karina’s Flawless Magazine Photos

She slays the old money aesthetic.

Aespa‘s photos with Harper’s BAZAAR were recently released. On October 25, Karina uploaded these photos and more on her private Instagram account.

Netizens were left stunned at her beauty. In one photo, she leaned against a wired wall while wearing a black dress and thick purple coat. She looked expensive even at first glance!

Aespa | @katarinabluu/Instagram

She also wore a white version of the coat with silver beads embedded into them that further solidified her luxurious image.

| @katarinabluu/Instagram
| @katarinabluu/Instagram

Netizens couldn’t help but ask, “Is she really human?”, “How is it possible to look this good?”, and “How can a person look like a customizable avatar?”

This is far from the first time Karina killed it in outfits that fit the “old money aesthetic.” Check examples of these below!

1. In a fashion show

First up, the aespa singer stood out from the fashion show crowd especially when she wore clean and well-pressed clothing.

2. In a feather dress

She was also arresting when she donned a white feather-like dress that screamed “feminine and luxurious.”

3. With a wide-brim hat

Karina’s bright red lipstick, dark cat eye, and wide brim hat gave her a femme fatale look.

| SM Entertainment

4. In a little black dress

Timeless clothing pieces such as little black dresses highlight the flawless visuals of the K-Pop idol.

| SM Entertainment

5. In the introduction video of aespa

Like in the Harper’s BAZAAR photoshoot, Karina wore a fur shawl in one of the group’s earliest videos. It made her look like a million bucks!

| SM Entertainment

6. In Paris

She was also elegant from top to bottom in a black Givenchy turtleneck and skirt.

7. In W Korea

Finally, this strapless black dress made it clear that Karina can pull off luxurious concepts effortlessly.

Source: Instiz