Aespa’s Karina Keeps Getting Interrupted In “Paris Fashion Week” By An Unexpected Guest, And Her Reactions Were All Memorable

She’s too precious!

The members of aespa don’t need to do much to turn heads wherever they go! The SM Entertainment girl group not only slays when performing on stage but also in fashion events off stage.

This held true in their highly publicized “Paris Fashion Week” appearance for luxury brand Givenchy. On October 2, the girls’ stunned fans, reporters, and bystanders alike with their visuals when attending their “Spring/Summer 2023 Womenswear Collection” event.

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

In the middle of their walk outside, Karina was suddenly interrupted by none other than a pigeon. The bird flew near her, catching her off guard and causing her to scurry away.

She later was seen staring pointedly at a nearby pigeon as if asking it to distance itself from her.

In a separate incident, Karina was spotted running away from the bird in fright after seeing it as soon as she exited a Parisian building. She sported an uncomfortable smile and stuck close to the wall to be as far away from it as possible.

She jumped ever so slightly in surprise when the pigeon moved, her jaw dropping wide open.

She was apparently so frightened, her first reaction was to ask for emotional support from a stranger!

Many fans found her reaction adorable and fun, commenting on it in Twitter posts liked by thousands.

On the other hand, some also pointed out that casually joking about the singer’s phobia should be avoided considering just how terrifying it is for her.

Regardless, Karina walked forward bravely despite the initial scare!


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