Aespa’s Karina And Rihanna Wore The Same Expensive Chopard Necklace But Served Completely Different Vibes

They pulled off different vibes with just a few changes.

The aespa members recently attended the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in style as Chopard‘s global ambassadors. Although the luxury jewelry brand sells pieces as high as $117,000 USD on its website, Karina wore a one-of-a-kind Red Carpet Collection piece worth over three times as much.

Karina | @chopard/Instagram

It was such an exclusive necklace that Barbadian singer Rihanna appeared to be the only other celebrity to wear it, pulling it off in a completely different way.

Rihanna | @rihanna/Twitter

On the film festival’s red carpet, Karina wore Chopard’s “123.4-carat pear-shaped rubellite and 65.24-carat diamond and platinum necklace.” The idol kept her makeup and accessories minimal to compliment the chic look.

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To tie the look together, Karina was absolutely stunning in a frilly black ball gown that made the red ruby in the necklace stand out even more. While the idol gave off the elegant vibes of a princess, Rihanna’s spin on the necklace was much different.

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At the 2014 Diamond Ball, Rihanna went for a romantic vibe. She wore dark red lipstick to match the ruby necklace and warmed up her makeup with an orange blush and eyeshadow look.
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Making sure the necklace was the focus, the beautiful singer stunned everyone by wearing an off-the-shoulder pink mermaid-style dress.
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With just one necklace, Rihanna and Karina proved they could go from flowy and romantic to chic and elegant with just a few changes.

Same Fit, Different Vibes