Aespa’s Karina Touches Lee Youngji And Staff Members With An Unexpected And Thoughtful Gesture

“How can you be this sweet?”

Aespa‘s Karina guested on the most recent episode of rapper Lee Youngji’s My Alcohol Diary, where she dished on how she keeps off weight, what kind of girlfriend she seems to be like, and many more. She also surprised them with a thoughtful gesture!

Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram

After entering the room and greeting the “Spicy” singer, Youngji offered to put her bag aside. However, Karina revealed that she actually had a surprise for her—a present! The rapper couldn’t hide how touched and happy she was.

  • Lee Youngji: Why don’t you hand me your bag? You’re holding a bag bigger than you.
  • Karina: There’s a present for you.
  • Lee Youngji: Oh, really?

Karina then reached inside her big bag and pulled out a box, explaining that the product makes bubbles. She thought Youngji would like it, and she did! She squealed that it was “so cute.”

  • Karina: Yes. Wait, wait. It’s not really a special gift I bought this because I thought it was a camera. But it’s for making bubbles. I thought you’d like it.
  • Lee Youngji: It’s so cute! It’s called animal camera bubble.

But that wasn’t all. Karina surprised everyone in the room when she added that she also brought gifts for the staff members. They gasped collectively because it wasn’t every day that a K-Pop idol gave them something.

  • Karina: And this is for the staff.
  • Lee Youngji: What? She’s going to take my position away.
  • Karina: Nice to meet you all ^^

She gifted them a cuticle remover product which she herself uses. As Youngji said, she’s genuinely so sweet!

  • Lee Youngji: It’s so adorable. What’s that?
  • Karina: They are cuticle removers. I also use this. Hope I brought the right amount.
  • Lee Youngji: How can you be this sweet?

Meanwhile, check out Karina’s secret to losing weight in the article below.

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