Aespa Karina’s Visuals Stand Out Even In Low Quality Phone Camera Images

Every day is legendary for Karina!

Recently, SM held their SMTOWN concert with all their label’s artists in Suwon and met with fans. In particular, aespa Karina’s visuals gained much attention from fans that attended the concert as well as netizens online.

| @jwuuu_127/Twitter

Fan-taken phone camera photos were posted online and had fans shocked once again by her legendary visuals. Even though the photos were of low-quality, she still showed off her doll-like visuals and long body proportions.

| @jwuuu_127/Twitter

Netizens were also in awe at her un-real visuals and proportions and could not stop talking about it!

| @jwuuu_127/Twitter

  • “Today is crazy why is she so pretty.”
  • “It looks like there’s a filter on her face, she is so pretty.”
  • “She’s so thin and tall!”
  • “Her face shape is seriously unreal.”

But honestly, when is there ever a day Karina doesn’t look flawless!

Source: nate pann