Aespa Ask Lee Soo Man To Treat Them To BBQ after Coachella Performance

They definitely deserve it!

Their Coachella performance was just that good!

aespa | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

In their newest Coachella vlog, aespa reveal how they spent their time leading up to their big performance on the Coachella main stage!

The girls were able to attend the first night of Coachella and met up with Tori Kelley and Pink Sweat$ before heading over to watch performances! NingNing takes a moment to gush over Daniel Caesar‘s performance before all the members talk about how exciting seeing Harry Styles was.

aespa discussing their favorite performances | aespa/Youtube

Before their performance the members have a video call conversation with SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, who offers words of encouragement before the show.

SM Entertainment founder offering words of encouragement to aespa. | aespa/Youtube

Immediately following the show, aespa video call Lee Soo Man again and ask for rewards for a show well done. Karina cutely says “Treat us to something good” while NingNing says “Buy Us Barbecue“.

Aespa chatting with Lee Soo Man after their Coachella performance. | aespa/Youtube

To no one’s surprise Lee Soo Man immediately agrees before praising the group and telling them to enjoy the rest of their time at Coachella! We can’t wait to see what Lee Soo Man treated them to!