The Members Of Aespa Each Have Their Own Special Ways To Recharge

When you’re out of energy, what do you do to recharge?

With their rigorous schedules, K-pop groups are bound to need time to recharge. When aespa needs to reset, each member has their own routine.

aespa’s Giselle, NingNing, Winter, and Karina (left to right) | @aespa_official/Twitter

In a recent interview with Consequence, the members of aespa were each asked to name the things they do when they need to recharge.

Karina likes spending time in nature.

Karina: For me, I usually like to visit one of my favorite places, like the ocean or the Han River where I would go for a walk while listening to music. It helps me refresh!

Winter opts for time alone.

Winter: I tend to recharge by spending some time alone. For example, I like to go for a walk, go shopping, sleep, or get a massage. Some quality “me” time.

Giselle chooses to unplug.

Giselle: I really enjoy just not going on my phone and just watching old TV shows and movies that I used to really like when I was younger. I also really like getting massages and just taking time to meditate and heal.

NingNing keeps it simple.

NingNing: As for me, I enjoy listening to music and napping at home. Once I recharge and have more energy, I like to go shopping or look around different places.

Since the group is constantly busy, whether it be practicing or recording, sometimes they need to take a minute to rest. Hopefully, the members of aespa will continue to balance their time and get the rest they deserve.

Source: YouTube