Aespa Set The “Music Bank” Stage On Fire With Their Smoking Hot Visuals—And Fans Can’t Stop Praising Them

What. A. Performance. 💯🔥

KBS‘s Music Bank celebrated their 2021 Half-Year Special with the theme “Heroes vs Villains.” Among those in the “heroes” side was none other than power rookies aespa.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

The four-member girl group performed their chart-topping song “Next Level.” They were sexy vixens dressed in all-black leather outfits with hints of cuteness in matching cat ear headbands.

Korean netizens could not stop complimenting Karina for her stunning appearance. Comments relating to how she’s “seriously pretty” and “not human” were prevalent online.

Her perfect proportions were emphasized in her “Vegan Leather Lace Up Pants” from the brand Dolls Kill and her “Strappy Cup Cutout Harness” from Daisy Corsets.

Similarly, Ningning was also a hot topic in her home country. She went viral on Chinese social networking site, Weibo, as she stunned everyone with her natural beauty.

She stood out with her fiery red hair, strong vocals, and eye-catching charisma.

Of course, fans also showered heaps of praise towards the other members. With Giselle‘s hypnotizing gaze and perfect makeup, she perfectly embodied the concept of “Next Level.”

Her confident rap was the icing on the cake for the viewers!

Moreover, Winter, a member known for her pure visuals, showed what it’s like to have a “dangerous” edge in their performance. Though her aegyo is top-notch…

…she was also fully capable of making MYs crave for more of her fierce side.

Comments praising Winter | KBS Kpop/YouTube

Overall, aespa’s visuals were definitely out of this world, and fans won’t forget this stage anytime soon.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their Music Bank performance below!

Source: theqoo and Twitter