Aespa’s NingNing Shares Which Essential Belongings She Always Carries Around And It’s Not What We Expected

The contents of her bag could belong in a museum!

In a new video on their YouTube channel, aespa let fans get a glimpse into their personal lives: they showed us what they carry around with them in their bags!

| aespa/YouTube

The first one to volunteer was maknae NingNing, excited for her members to see what she carries around in her mini-bag.

| aespa/YouTube

The first few items are fairly normal: AirPods in a cute case…

… A phone charger and a face mask…

… And an egg?!

All three of her members were confused when they pulled it out of her bag, passing it around to take turns looking at it.

NingNing then explained that it was a salted duck egg and that she used to eat it for breakfast a lot when she was still living in China!

When Karina and Giselle wanted to know what it tasted like, NingNing handed the mic over to Winter, who had tried it before and told them that it was very salty. Karina seemed so surprised that Winter had tried it!

NingNing told them that it’s called “xianyadan” in Chinese, and they all cutely repeated after her, excited to learn a new word.

Even though they initially found it odd that NingNing carries an egg around in her bag, her members moved on pretty quickly to discover something even stranger: an old spoon!

All of the members were so confused as to where she got the spoon! Winter was absolutely certain she had never seen it in their dorm and insisted that it looked like it was 100 years old.

Giselle expressed concern over NingNing using the spoon, saying that she would get digestion problems if she kept using such an old spoon.

After they all ogled at it, NingNing quickly put the spoon under the rest of her belongings and insisted they move on from it.

Thankfully, the rest of the bag tour went without a hitch, but none of us will forget the egg and the old spoon! You can watch NingNing show off her prized old spoon in the video below.

Source: YouTube