Aespa’s Ningning Helped Billlie’s Tsuki Through Tough Times As A Trainee

They knew each other long before they debuted as idols.

Billlie‘s Tsuki appeared on MMTG, opening up about her experience as a Japanese idol far from home. In the process, she revealed she was friends with aespa‘s Ningning since their trainee days.

Tsuki | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

Speaking with host Jae Jae, Tsuki shed light on how tough it was to find friends who were also born in 2002. She shared, “It’s rare to find friends with the same age. I don’t have friends my age.” There was one idol that was an exception, though.

Tsuki turned out to be friends with Ningning, who was also born in 2002. Tsuki shared how they met by saying, “I’ve known Ningning since trainee years.

Jae Jae was surprised by the new discovery, which made Tsuki clarify they haven’t been able to contact each other lately. Tsuki explained, “But it’s been too long since we got in touch.” That didn’t stop her from looking back on their precious time as trainees.

When Tsuki faced difficulties in trainee life, she hadn’t been alone. She had Ningning by her side to help her through it. Tsuki said, “We got trained together when I was going through a tough time.

Because training can be tough, especially for those who are young, having a friend to go through it with can make it easier to handle. It looks like Ningning was that much-needed support for Tsuki.

Ningning | @aespa_official/Twitter

Watch Tsuki talk about her trainee friendship with Ningning and wanting to reconnect as idols.