Aespa’s NingNing Can’t Stand A Popular Candy… But Will Eat Two Other Controversial Foods

Do you share her tastes?

In a vlog posted by aespa earlier today of the girls visiting Los Angeles, NingNing made a revelation that have some fans shook!

NingNing | SM Entertainment

During the visit, the members visited a frozen yogurt shop for a treat. The members shared what they got, and when NingNing shared hers, she revealed that she doesn’t like… Chocolate.

The moment can be seen around the 4:05 mark in the video.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t like this popular candy, however, she does enjoy foods that are considered controversial by a lot of people!

One of these is, interestingly enough, mint chocolate, which all of aespa like.

On top of this, she enjoys a pizza topping that most people either love or hate — pineapple!

Netizens were discussing these revelations recently on Reddit, and their reactions are varied.

So, where do you stand on chocolate, mint chocolate, and pineapple on pizza?