“She Found Her Style”—Netizens Claim aespa’s Ningning Looks Best With Her Recent Concert Makeup

Which do you prefer?

Aespa‘s Ningning is once again going viral due to her incredible visuals!

The “Better Things” singer already looks gorgeous on an everyday basis, but netizens are claiming that her recent look at the SYNK: Hyper Line London concert is her best yet.

Aespa’s Ningning

Even more impressive than her elegant outfits was her makeup. According to fans, her mature yet minimal makeup fit her perfectly. They commented, “I think they decreased the amount of makeup on her and she looks incredibly pretty” and “It’s obvious now that she’s a natural beauty.”

Compared to her makeup in previous songs such as “Black Mamba” and “Savage,” Ningning’s eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow colors are now notably lighter.

Ningning in the “Black Mamba” era
Ningning in the “Savage” era
Ningning at present

The compliments kept on coming! Fans noticed that “She’s legendary nowadays,” “She’s crazy pretty,” and “It’s amazing that someone with this face is real.”

SM Entertainment makeup artists have been choosing lighter makeup for Ningning since the “Spicy” comeback era, and this choice has been receiving positive reviews so far!

Aespa is in the middle of the Europe leg of their Synk: Hyper Line concert tour, visiting cities such as Berlin, London, and Paris in the past month alone.

Source: Pann