How aespa’s Ningning And IVE’s Yujin Became The Best Friends That We All Wish To Have

Here’s how they got close in the first place.

IVE‘s Yujin and aespa‘s Ningning are an adorable new pair! Fans first got a glimpse of their friendship when they were seen greeting each other during aespa’s encore stage.

Since Yujin is an MC in SBS‘s Inkigayo and aespa won first place with “Savage” when they were promoting in October, they were both on stage. They did a casual high five as they walked past each other.

A fan confirmed their friendship on Twitter, writing that Yujin named Ningning and ITZY‘s Yuna as her two closest K-Pop idol friends.

Yeah, I asked Yujin and Wonyoung who they were close with besides the members at a previous fan sign event and Yujin answered Yoona and aespa’s NingNing and Wonyoung said she became close with Youngji after appearing on her YouTube channel.

— Fan

How did they get close to each other in the first place? Yujin delved deeper into this story during a recent fansign. The two are only one year apart in age, Yujin being born in 2003 and Ningning in 2002, and they hit it off easily.

We had a meal together once.

— Yujin

They knew of each other for a while since they belonged to the same industry, but it was only when they greeted each other that they realized they could easily become friends.

I knew her and met her on Inkigayo. Yeah, so we said, ‘Hi.’

— Yujin

They’re a top visual pair!

Yujin and Ningning | Inkigayo and @aespa_official/instagram