Aespa’s Ningning Reveals How Karina Helped Her Gain Confidence

“I didn’t think I was pretty…”

Aespa‘s Ningning shared how an adorable habit of Karina‘s helped her gain confidence!

Ningning and Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

In the next segment of their “Forever Fairies” series on YouTube, aespa sat down together to play a few games, one of them being a game where they tested how well they know each other!

One of the questions they were asked centered around particular habits of each of the members, and they started by listing Karina’s cute habits!

What is it that Heart Fairy Karina does a lot?

At first expressing doubts about getting the answer right, the other members still listed their answers down!

It was then that Ningning revealed what she thought was Karina’s habit, and also shared the cute reason behind her answer!

Giving compliments for no reason!

Karina tends to…she loves people. At some point, I didn’t think I was pretty, but all of a sudden, she went, “Aw, so cute!”


And everyone agreed that it was a super sweet, super cute habit of Karina’s that they all love!

aespa recently made their coemback with “Forever”.

Watch Ningning talk about this adorable incident here!


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