If aespa Were Normal College Students Instead Of Idols, Here’s What They’d Want To Do The Most

Even superstars have ordinary dreams.

aespa guested on Street Alcohol Fighter, and with Super Junior‘s Heechul as their host and alcohol as the main course, chaos was inevitable. But before the girls started playing drinking games, they talked about what they were most curious about for college.

The girls were all born between 2000-2002, so if they weren’t idols, all of them would be in college. However, thanks to their decision to pursue music, K-Pop has been gifted four amazing talents and one incredible girl group.

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Still, especially when many of their friends are in college, the girls can’t help but also want to experience college life. When Heechul asked aespa if there were any dreams they had if they were college students, Giselle didn’t hesitate to say she wanted to go on an MT, or in other words, a college retreat.

An MT in Korea is a time when college students can socialize and form close bonds with either those from the same major or those in the same extracurricular clubs. Of course, socializing in college usually has one universal theme: alcohol. South Korea is especially big on drinking culture within college, and when Heechul asked if any of the girls knew what the Gen Z abbreviation “TOMATO” meant, Karina was quick to answer.

Vomit, drink, and vomit again.

In Korean, the first syllable of the word for “vomit” is “TO-” and the first syllable of the word for “drink” is “MA-.” Along with the fact that people often turn as red as a tomato when drunk, this Korean-English slang “TOMATO” perfectly represents Gen Z.

Heechul then asked NingNing what she wanted to try the most if she went to college, and NingNing answered college food. Korean cafeteria food is known for being super cheap but still super tasty, so her interest is totally relatable.

Winter answered that she wanted to run a booth during a college festival. University festivals are crucial to Korean college culture, and in May, when most of these festivals are held, the streets are lined with booths run by different clubs and departments. These festivals are also where many K-Pop artists are invited to perform.

Just thinking about running a booth made the girls super happy, and while it might not be an easy-to-reach dream for them now that they’re idols, perhaps there’ll be a chance somewhere in the future for aespa to run their own booth.

For now, though, they’ll stick to performing at university festivals, which is an exhilarating experience for both the girls and college students alike.


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