Aespa Reveals How Proud They Are Of Their Achievements Since Their Debut

They only debuted three months ago!

The members of SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group aespa showcased their stunning visuals in their editorial for Dazed Korea‘s March edition.

Aespa graced the front cover of the magazine wearing Givenchy. The brand recently chose the group as its newest ambassadors.

In an interview for the magazine, the members spoke about everything the group has achieved since they debuted three months ago.

Winter revealed how fortunate they are with all the opportunities they have been given. Since debuting, the group has participated in the online SM Town concert, music broadcasts performances and won the Rookie Award. 

The members also spoke about how upset they are at not being able to perform in front of their fans, MY.

Member NingNing explained the joy she felt when she met a fan in a convenience store. Karina then sent a message to their fans saying how grateful they are for all the support they’ve had over the last few months.

Aespa debuted whilst COVID-19 social distancing measures were in place that has meant they have been unable to meet their fans during their first promotion period.

The members are hoping to meet their fans as soon as it is safe!

Source: Dazed Korea