These Are The Parts In “Savage” That The aespa Members Want To “Steal” From Each Other

And here’s why they wanted those parts!

SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, aespa, keeps on proving that they’re one of the hottest K-Pop topics around! After going viral with “Next Level,” they released their latest hit, “Savage,” which quickly topped the charts and earned them first place wins on music shows.

Aespa | SM Entertainment

Fans were addicted to the pop song with cyberpunk influences, but which parts did the members themselves like best? They revealed their thoughts during their “Savage” showcase.

Check them out below.

1. Ningning

First up, Ningning was open about just how much she loves Giselle‘s rap, saying that she “killed it.”

I always love how Giselle sings, how she pulls off the music in her own way.  She has a rap part at Verse 2. She pretty much killed it.

— Ningning

The portion she was talking about was the “Everybody look at me” line that showed off Giselle’s swag and confidence.

2. Giselle

Giselle, on the other hand, chose Winter‘s and Ningning’s pre-chorus as the part she couldn’t get out of her head.

For me, it was Winter’s pre-chorus part. I just love the pre-chorus overall to begin with. Ningning’s part is great too.

— Giselle

She liked it so much, she wished she sang that part as well! At the same time, however, Giselle acknowledged that the lines they ended up with were just right for each member.

From the very beginning, I thought this was the highlight part so I wanted to try it myself. But the rest of our team pulled it off so nicely that I just love that pre-chorus part, especially the one that goes ‘Nae tteutdaero/Make it, break it.‘ That’s when Winter’s part begins. The way she says, ‘Nae tteutdaero‘ is just so perfect for that part.

— Giselle

3. Winter

Moving on to Winter, she immediately chose Karina’s rap as the best. It was her unique accent when she stressed the “K” in, “Kwangya” instead of “Gwangya” that made it the most interesting to her.

You know Karina’s part where she goes, ‘Kwangya game in’?

— Winter

4. Karina

Last but certainly not the least, Karina, like Giselle, also chose Ningning’s lines as the ones that stood out. Though Ningning is their main vocalist, even Karina was surprised at how good her singing was.

Ningning has a part in the pre-chorus where she goes, ‘Dugo bwa nan jom savage.’ I was like, ‘Wow, she ripped that low note in pieces.’

— Karina

As aespa’s answers prove, every single part of “Savage” is one to remember! In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out their music video below.

Source: YouTube