Aespa Stun With Their Visuals And Their Modeling Skills In Photoshoot For Fashion Brand MLB

Is there nothing these visual queens can’t do?

The members of aespa recently showed off some serious modelling skills and superior visuals in a photoshoot for fashion brand MLB, proving there is nothing they can’t pull off.

Aespa have repeatedly proved themselves to be one of the groups with most impact of their generation. Their collaboration with MLB was no exception, as the members were all instantly trending when the images were revealed. Karina was stunning in an all-denim outfit with full-length pants…

| @mlbkorea/Instagram

…and giving sharp visuals up close.

NingNing nailed the casual chic vibe in a high-waist denim skirt, t-shirt and bucket hat…

…while Winter was effortlessly cool in a navy blue sweater, shorts and some trendy platform shoes.

Giselle served looks in a denim jacket and shorts…

…looking equal parts classy and modern.

The promotional video posted to MLB’s Instagram account did possibly an even better job of showing of aespa’s superior visuals—proving that they can make any kind of style look good.

Then again, aespa have been outdoing themselves at every turn. They continue to pave the way as artists, and now it’s clear that they’ve easily got this modeling thing down! Hopefully we’ll get to see plenty more of aespa as models!