Aespa’s Stylist Under Fire For Their Styling At 2021’s AAA

The girls still look gorgeous though!

Aespa‘s stylist has come under controversy once more for dressing the girls older than their actual age. Not only did fans claim that the outfits for 2021’s Asia Artist Awards (AAA) were mostly unflattering, they also made the girls look mature.

The outfits were all black, with hints of textures such as tulle or leather. In particular, Giselle‘s look was called out for not doing her gorgeous visuals justice.

Fans seemed to deem NingNing‘s outfit the best out of the four and they also highly raved about her visuals. Despite this, fans reminded the stylist that NingNing is only 19 years old.

Giselle looked gorgeous like a comic book character. Her huge eyes really shone. However, fans claimed the leather jacket with belt made her look wider than she really was and did no justice to her long, long legs.

Winter‘s outfit was criticized for its overall mature vibe and the un-matching tulle ending.

Karina‘s outfit was a mishmash of various textures and prints making it a little confusing.

The girls are still in their early twenties to late teens, making fans wonder why the stylist insists of dressing them so maturely.

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  • “What’s up with the clothes?”
  • “What’s up with the styling? The kids are too good for this.”
  • “What’s with Karina’s clothing? They gave experimental clothing to a f*cking pretty goddess.”
  • ReVe’s clothing became better after changing stylists so please change aespa’s too.”
  • “Aren’t aespa still babies? What’s with the clothes?
  • “NingNing is the prettiest.”
  • “NingNing is f*cking pretty.”

This is not the first time that aespa’s stylists have come under fire. Previously, fans were left wanting with the styling for their comeback press conference.

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Source: theqoo