Aespa’s Winter Calls Out Karina’s Most “Annoying” Habit — And Karina Can’t Deny It

Winter is usually her main target!

The members of aespa may only just be hitting three years since debut, but they have already proven many times that they have a true sibling relationship.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

As a matter of fact, when they guested on the popular variety show Knowing Bros, they claimed that they were more than family. They not only eat together, but share all their clothes as well.


This shocked the cast of Knowing Bros, many of whom couldn’t see themselves sharing so much with others. This prompted NingNing to confess that there are definitely some difficulties associated with sharing all clothes. She, for example, has the habit of constantly spilling food on herself. In fact, she does it every day, according to Giselle!

Winter, on the other hand, had something to say about what it’s like living with Karina. According to Winter, Karina is a persistent prankster…and her main victim is, of course, Winter!

Winter went to Knowing Bros armed with video evidence of Karina’s crimes, and showed a hilarious clip of a classic prank that Karina played on her.

The Knowing Bros cast were absolutely delighted, hilariously recognizing their own sense of humor in Karina’s prank.

While this may be one of Winter’s grievances, it certainly is the best proof that aespa are like a real (chaotic) family!

Watch the full clip right here.


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