Aespa’s Winter Doesn’t Sweat At All… Here’s Why Her Fans Are Both Envious And Concerned

Netizens are divided on whether to be envious or concerned.

One thing noticeable about aespa‘s Winter is how she always looks so fresh, even after an energetic performance. She doesn’t seem to sweat heavily, which is convenient for an idol like her since there is less risk of looking messy and sweaty or her make-up getting smeared after an intense performance.

aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

Host Yang Se Hyung noticed this about Winter when aespa made a guest appearance on an episode of MBC’s The Manager. They were shown filming their MV  for their song “Girls.”

The shoot got aespa exhausted and sweaty. While Giselle, Karina, and Ning-Ning were battling the heat and sweating profusely, Winter still looked fresh, calmly cooling herself with her fan. When asked about her lack of sweat, Winter explained that although she doesn’t sweat much, she does heat up internally.

Yang Se Hyung: Wow, is it because she’s “winter”?
Karina: Winter doesn’t sweat.
Winter: Yeah, no. I don’t really sweat.
Hong Hyun Hee: I bet it’s because her skin is poreless. Sweat can’t get out!

Staff: People think it’s really cool how you don’t sweat at all.
Winter: Oh, me? Haha. But I do heat up internally.

Netizens wondered if Winter might be dealing with a health issue. Some shared similar experiences of not sweating much, while some attempted to rationalize why she wasn’t sweating.

| theqoo
  • “That’s not good for you, though… I hope she’s staying healthy.”
  • “My friend also never, ever sweats. But she also gets hospitalized every other day for IV shots.”
  • “I used to be like that, too. But ever since I started working out, my body figured out how to sweat it.”
  • “I believe that her body is not getting rid of the heat. It accumulates all too well. It’s not that good for her health.”
  • “I wish I had no sweat. But I hope Winter stays healthy.”

Others were concerned enough to wish Winter to be healthy.

| theqoo
  • “I used to be like that, too. And I was sick ALL THE TIME. Since then, I’ve gained some weight, changed my diet, etc. Now, I do sweat. I’m much healthier, too. I get how easy it is to be dry always, but I hope it’s nothing bad for Winter’s health.”
  • “I was also like this until college. My workout coach would be so amused. But I was told to try sweating it out in saunas and whatnot. Now, I do sweat from my face and my neck. The rest of my body remains dry, though.”
  • “My friend is also like that. But she says her body heats up so much it sometimes scares her. She doesn’t like being unable to sweat.”

On a medical standpoint, sweat glands producing little or no sweat is known as anhidrosis (AN-hih-DROH-sis), a condition that can be congenital or affects nerves or skin. It can affect the whole body or only a portion of it. Anhidrosis is accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, feeling weak, flushing, and being sensitive to raised temperatures.

However, according to experts at Everyday Health, how much a person sweats depends on a lot of factors, from temperature and humidity to fitness level or medications being taken, to the genes one is born with, and other reasons.  A dermatologist from Columbia University Medical Center NY goes into more detail.

Some people do not sweat a lot, while some people do. Different people have different numbers of sweat glands and different genetic makeup.

— Dr. Lindsay Bordone

Bottomline, as long as sweat (or lack thereof) does not interfere with daily activities, including exercise or, in Winter’s case, rigorous choreography, it’s likely not a medical concern.

Watch the full clip below.

Source: Karina is sweating... Winter is soft even after intense dancing and Why Some People Seem to Never Sweat When They Work Out — and When It’s a Problem