Aespa Winter’s Hilarious “Secret” To Great Acting

She’s so real for this.

Aespa‘s Winter is known for giving great advice to her fans, with many choosing to spend the precious minutes of their fansign asking her for all types of guidance. In a recent video, Winter decided to bless us all with some insight on how her acting is so great.

When shooting the scenes for aespa’s VCR for their first ever concert SYNK: HYPER LINE, the members had to really focus on their acting. As with most pieces of aespa’s content related to their lore, these also demanded a lot of acting work from all members. They had to portray a variety of emotions, and act out different sets together as well as on their own, which is no easy feat.

Fans and non-fans alike have always found aespa’s acting job on their music videos and the popular SMCU episodes amazing, with many wondering how they were so good at it with little to no previous experience.

Thus, when talking to Winter during the recording of their behind the scenes video at the VCR shooting set, the cameraman couldn’t hep but ask for possible acting tips.

After joking around with the staff member saying she “imagined flower petals falling,” Winter got real and gave some honest advice for MYs and anyone else watching the video. The best thing being that this piece of advice can be easily applicable to any job, not just acting!

“Any acting tips?” | aespa/YouTube

Winter honestly, and hilariously, answered that the secret to great acting is none other than wanting to go home early. She explained that if someone wants to get off work quickly, that will make them focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Actually, the secret to acting is wanting to leave early. If you want to get off work quickly, you’ll focus. You will concentrate and get off work soon.

— aespa’s Winter

“Wanting to leave early.” | aespa/YouTube

Then the aespa star mentioned that after getting off work, “you’ll get to go home and lie down.” Thus, using that thought as motivation can also be a great idea.

| aespa/YouTube

Considering Winter has repeatedly received huge amount of praise for her acting, her advice on the matter is incredibly valuable. After all, she has netizens already rooting for her to debut as an actress sooner than later!