Aespa’s Winter Makes Headlines For Her Long Legs, And These Photos Show Just How Great Her Proportions Are

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There’s a reason why aespa‘s Winter is one of the hottest rising stars in the K-Pop world right now! Besides her talent on stage and charming personality, she is often praised for her stunning visuals.

aespa’s Winter

She recently gained attention in Korean online communities for a specific feature of hers—her legs. Though she’s not the tallest in the group at around 5 ft. (164cm), her proportions are commendable.

The photo that started the conversation was a fan-taken one from when aespa traveled abroad. Her flared pants accentuated her long legs, especially with the side-view angle of the shot.

The top-view photo of Winter at the airport had a similar effect. Netizens praised her, saying, “She’s lean and has good proportions,” “Her proportions have always been good for someone 164cm tall,” and “Anyone can tell that she’s a celebrity.”

Even just standing still, she stood out.

The same can be said when Winter performs live. For instance, she graced the stage in a short bodycon dress that showed off her gorgeous physique.

Her “Savage” photoshoot was also one for the books, showing how her legs seem to go on for days!

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

Knee-high boots were the perfect accessory to emphasize the length of her legs.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

When it comes to visuals, Winter always slays!

| @aespa_official/Instagram
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