Aespa Is So Y2K With These New Photos For “aespa week”

How are they so futuristic yet so Y2K at the same time?

It was announced that aespa would have a pop-up store called aespa week running from February 24 to March 5.

| @aespa_WEEK/Twitter

A special event for MYs, the pop-up is planned to take place at THE HYUNDAI SEOUL in Yeouido, Seoul.

The official teaser photos for aespa week were released, and each member got an individual poster with a cute and colorful pink Y2K theme. Holding a hot pink flip phone in her hand (perhaps the 2000s must-have item, the Motorola Razr), Karina looks like a main character in the chick-flick Mean Girls.

Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

Ning Ning does a pout while wearing a chain belt and a tank top with a butterfly on it—essential items for the Y2K era. She is also holding a flip phone cut out of the picture.

Ning Ning |@aespa_official/Twitter

Winter brings back the “Myspace vibes” with a massive pair of headphones with colorful stickers and a pink ring.

Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

Lastly, Giselle wears a pair of headphones around her neck under her straight and long black hair that echoes the hairstyles of 90s K-Pop girl groups.

Giselle | @aespa_official/Twitter

Seeing how aesthetically pleasing the teaser images are, there are a lot of expectations for the pop-up store’s theme and aesthetics.

What we know so far is that the pop-up store will have “a variety of experiences,” according to aespa’s Twitter post, including large snow globes and “photogenic” photo spots to take pictures.

Fans reacted positively to this pop-up event, praising the teaser images and the concept and promotions for aespa week.

| @SapphireHeaven/Reddit

During aespa week, aespa’s 1st Concert ’SYNK : HYPER LINE‘ will take place on February 25 and 26.

Source: Twitter and Reddit