AfreecaTV BJ Yeolmae Leaks Personal Information Regarding GOT7’s Mark

Yeolmae’s ex-boyfriend, Woo Changbum later clarified that Yeolmae might have mentioned Mark’s name by accident.

In the midst of hidden camera and cheating accusations made between AfreecaTV BJ Yeolmae and VERMUDA‘s Woo Changbum, GOT7‘s Mark was mentioned along with information regarding his personal life.

Yeolmae recently accused her ex-boyfriend, Woo Changbum of spreading explicit videos of her and shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with BJ Kei.

But within the chat, GOT7’s Mark’s past dating life was also described, which drew an overwhelming amount of attention.

The chat reads, “I introduced BJ Ahyoung to GOT7’s Mark. Mark paid for her monthly rent, lease fees, gave her a credit card, and bought her designer items, so Mark really didn’t do anything wrong.

In response, Ahyoung expressed her discomfort regarding her name being mentioned in the accusations through her official Instagram account. But she has yet to address Yeolmae’s claim of how much financial help GOT7’s Mark gave her during their relationship.

On the other hand, Woo Changbum denied the accusations Yeolmae made against him and also clarified that she might have mentioned GOT7 Mark’s name by accident and that he had nothing to do with the matter.

GOT7’s Mark has yet to make a statement regarding the issue.

Source: Insight