AfreecaTV BJ Yeolmae Claims Jung Joon Young Kept Looking for Her at the Bar She Worked At

“When I saw Jung Joon Young on the news, I was worried.”

In the midst of AfreecaTV BJ Yeolmae‘s accusations against VERMUDA‘s Woo Changbum for sharing explicit videos of her, she also talked about her encounters with Jung Joon Young during the time she worked at a bar.

She confessed that she once worked at a bar to earn some extra cash and that she ran into Jung Joon Young while working.

Yeolmae then explained her reason for bringing up Jung Joon Young by adding, “Woo Changbum suspected something was going on between me and Jung Joon Young. After a certain point, he told me to stop contacting Jung Joon Young and told me not to give my number to anyone.

According to Yeolmae, Jung Joon Young continued to look for her at the bar which led Woo Changbum to get suspicious, but she stressed that she didn’t associate with him.

Regarding Woo Changbum and Jung Joon Young’s relationship, she stated, “I don’t know how they became friends. They were friends ever since Jung Joon Young came back from the Philippines.

Yeolmae expressed her worry and added, “When I saw Jung Joon Young on the news, I was worried. Since Woo Changbum hung out with him, I figured he wouldn’t have deleted the explicit videos of me either.

Source: Insight